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Dubai is an excellent choice for a family holiday. It is one world-class city that delivers stellar hospitality, amazing adventures, and a shopping experience like none other. Offering a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, there are a lot of interesting places to visit in Dubai with family.

Culture in Dubai can be very clear-cut. How should you dress? Should you tip waiters? Can you drink alcohol? Here are 10 tips for safe travel and fun times in Dubai.

1. Visit between October and April

Dubai only has two seasons — hot and hotter. The months between October and April, known as the winter season, bring blue skies and perfect beach weather to the city. It’s also the rainy season, but typically rain showers don’t last too long so don’t let this factor affect your travel dates.

2. Look at flights six months ahead

International airlines generally release their cheapest seats about six months prior to departure dates. This doesn’t mean you necessarily need to buy your tickets that far ahead of time, but it’s a good idea to start looking and comparing prices. At the latest, you should buy your tickets at least one month in advance.

3. Book your hotel months in advance

Because Dubai is becoming such a popular vacation spot, and because October through April is the prime time for tourists to visit, you want to be sure you have a nice place, like these IHG hotels in Dubai, to stay before your arrival. In order to do so, make your Dubai hotel reservation a good two to three months in advance.

4. Show respect during Ramadan

If you visit during the holy month of Ramadan, celebrated during the ninth month of the 12-month Islamic calendar, respect the Muslims and their practice of fasting. This means you can’t eat, drink or smoke in public in front of them between sunrise and sunset.

5. Dress modestly

One of the most important things to know before visiting Dubai is what to wear. I’ll state the obvious first. Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates, which is a Muslim country, so it’s especially important to think about bringing clothes that will allow you to dress modestly in certain areas. When it comes to dressing appropriately in Dubai, the first thing is to distinguish the difference between public and hotel spaces.

Public Areas

In public areas (e.g. malls, cafes, the airport, public transport), men and women are expected to dress modestly. Shoulders should be covered and too much leg, boob or bum is not a good look. Whilst nobody is going to call the fashion police if you’re showing too much skin, it’s far better to think like a savvy traveller and be respectful of the local culture. Pair a maxi skirt and t-shirt with some glamorous jewellery and sandals for a modest yet stylish look.

Hotels are seen as ‘international zones’ where standard holiday / beach / hot weather attire is perfectly acceptable. I wouldn’t advise you wander around the hotel lobby in your bikini and shorts, but all of that is absolutely fine by the pool and beach. There are also plenty of day beach clubs where you can lounge in your beachwear and bikinis all day.

6. Ask permission before taking pictures

Never take a picture of or with a stranger without their permission, unless you’re taking a scenic shot in a major touristy area. But never take a picture of a Muslim woman without her permission, and don’t take photos of any government buildings, airports, military installations, etc.

7. Should you tip?

Tipping isn’t really expected in Dubai, but it’s a common practice. Most restaurants will add a tip to your bill. Taxi drivers don’t expect to receive a tip, but luggage carriers and supermarket baggers are normally given a small tip for their services.

A new generation of great food in Dubai Food truck heaven.

8. How much are taxies in Dubai?

Taxis are great for getting around the city; there are plenty of them and they’re a fairly cheap mode of transportation. But, don’t assume your taxi driver knows every street and restaurant in Dubai. They don’t always know the city as well as you think they should, so to make sure you end up where you want to be, give them references to big city landmarks, as they should know these.

Whilst prices in Dubai are similar to London standards, taxis are dirt-cheap. This makes taxis a cheap and incredibly handy way of getting around the city. There are endless taxis on the roads and it never takes more than a few minutes to flag one down. The meter starts at 5 dirhams. There are many companies who provide Luxury Car Rental Services across Dubai.

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9. Be careful where you consume alcohol

Alcohol is legal in Dubai; however, you can’t drink in public as public drunkenness and drinking and driving are prohibited. Also, you can’t buy alcohol for your own use without a permit, and you have to buy it from an establishment that has a license. Purchasing drinks at a bar or restaurant is no problem, just don’t try and leave drunk.

10. Dubai is incredibly forward-looking

Forget notions of a city fuelled solely by black gold; Dubai has successfully diversified its economy away from oil to become a thriving hub for transport, trade, finance and tourism. What’s more, the government is working with high-tech companies to develop self-driving cars, flying drone taxis and 3D organ printing. One of the most exciting partnerships is with Hyperloop One, which is developing a supersonic transport system that could link Dubai with Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes.

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