Luxury Yatch Ride

Chartering the right yacht for your specific requirements could be a challenge. Not so with us. We have a range that can meet any of your requirements in term of cost or number of guests. Charter our 50 feet sporty yacht if you have an event for 17 guests or you are feeling a little more sporty and full of energy. It has a long front sun deck where you can sit out and take in the sun. The saloon consists of a spacious lounge and open kitchen. You may take it exclusive for sport fishing as well as a romantic sunset cruise also. A typical yacht cruise of 2 hours would include a trip around the world famous architectures such as the 7 start Burj Al Arab, the Palm islands and the luxurious hotel Atlantis Hotel on it, the World cluster Islands and many other such beautiful and glitzy buildings that dot Dubai coast. Enjoy this and much more right from the start when your yacht starts its sail from Marina lagoon which is also the world’s biggest man-made lagoon Your on-board entertainment would include a big music center in the lounge or sunbathing in the sun deck area, and a round of sport fishing. If the event is special, you may order us to get you a specific gourmet food and we would gladly oblige.

No. of Paxs 17 Ipod / Laptop Plug Yes A/C Yes BBQ Grill Yes Minimum Hours 2 Hours Required Length 50 Feet Engines Inboard engines Cabins 3 Bedrooms - 1 master bedrooms, 2 twin Bedroom, 2 restrooms, lounge with Kitchen, front end sun deck & sitting area. Max. Guests 17 Guests + 1 Captain + 1 Crew

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