13-Seater A/C luxury Coach

Bus Rental Mumbai

Bus Rental Mumbai

This AC bus comes with a capacity to seat 13 people, making it just the vehicle you need for the crowded streets of Mumbai. A lesser seating capacity means a more compact bus and also a much cooler one. The air-conditioning enables commute during the summer and monsoon months possible without letting the heat exhaust you or the rains drench you.

The compact but spacious design allows for a proper leg space and comfort. Traveling short distances, like between home and work or a Mumbai darshan for a small family and guests will be an easy and comfortable experience.

The bus also offers mobile phone charging points and entertainment units to allow for both work and fun while on the commute. Never run out of juice on your smartphone and relax with some entertaining movies or music.

The fully-functional adjustable seats get positioned at any angle you want, allowing you to sit comfortably and/ or even take a nap. The seats are also equipped with precisely designed head and neck rests which allow you to enjoy the ride without needing to worry about acquiring aches and pains.

You can keep your backpacks in the overhead storage space in the bus, and your suitcases in the separate luggage compartment. The storage space is enough to house all your luggage and let you travel without worrying.

These buses are a particularly good option for people with a substantial percentage of a female workforce. Ensure their safety as they travel in the odd hours. To add to the security, our buses come with trustworthy and trained staff and drivers who serve with integrity and discipline.

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